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A shot of whimsy from Shuting Qui, dahling!

She’s sweet, she’s sassy, she’s smart and classy — you’ll forgive the rhyme, dahling, an old woman can’t help herself sometimes. But really, Shuting Qiu is giving Miu Miu a run for her money: she’s moving in on the grown-up Uptown girlie girl look that has been Miu Miu’s hot lil’ signature for these many years. One does suppose there’s room for another at the tea party table. I do hope she didn’t forget to invite tie-dye teddy and crystal-studded rainbow plaid velveteen rabbit, dahling, it would be a shame to miss them, and they do love their pretend tea and gossiping about their neon-hued chums!

Sparkles and pizazz, patterns and jazz — oh there I go again! Something about all this little girlishness makes me want to speak in Seussical couplets, you understand. She’s a Who from Whoville with a hope and a dream, fresh off the train with her flower-shaped suitcase on the streets of Milan and a twinkle in her eye. The world loves to suck this kind of bashful sweetness from a hopeful young girl — hold onto it, little Cindy Lou Who, Auntie believes in you!

All images courtesy of Shuting Qui.

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