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Oh, hi there! You're wondering about Humphrey Magazine?


Well, you've come to the right place! Founded in 2022 by Humphrey Higgins the Cat, Humphrey Magazine is a one-of-a-kind mix of art, fashion, literature, and much more!

Our catchphrase is "decadent whimsy" - this is a place to explore the colorful, the silly, the ludicrous, the magical, the tactile, the maximalist, the cute, & the fun. Staffed by a team of hard-working puppets who are still trying to figure out how the human world works, we are committed to bringing our readers the latest in all things whimsical!


Founder: Humphrey Higgins the Cat ->

Editor-in-chief: John Martin Tilley

Art Director: Bazil Lagerstrom

Editor-at-large: Nico Teixeira



Art Editor: Artie Farthalomew Finklestein, aka The Art Fart

What the hell even is art anymoah, am I right, people? Well, sheesh, I don't really know, I just eat it, ha!


My name is Artie Farthalomew Finklestein, better known as The Art Fart, & I've been eatin' what these yay-hoos call 'art' since the Venus of Willendorf - you ever hear about the Adonis of Willendorf, do ya? Of course not! That's because I ate him, nom nom nom! He was pretty tasty, but art comes in all sorts a flavors, & I'm here to give you a tour of what's happenin' in the great buffet of the art world, & what you can & cannot much on, if you happen to be a little yellow art monster like myself.

Now, what's for lunch?


Literature Editor: Cowboy Books

Well hey there y'all! I'm the book guy!

I sure is a lover a letters n' such - you know Faulkner was a Southerner, too? A good ol' boy through n' through! Gimme a thick tome & a couple fingers of whiskey rye & I'll be out of your hair quicker than a jackrabbit. I've always been a lil' bookworm down to my boots, but I sure do get distracted: comics, poems, radio shows, and gee whiz all that good stuff - that counts as literature too, you say? Well then!

Let's get readin!

Hello, dahling, you can call me Auntie, dahling! Your go-to fashion correspondent reporting straight from the catwalks of Paris & Milan, sussing out all the posh whimsy that's fit to print, quite right!


Well, go on then, take a look for yourself - and don't mind my handwriting on the notes around those runway shots, I like a long & slender alphabet to make me feel less short & fat, jolly good show.

Time for tea & cakes, dahilng, & do take a gander at the smartest cloethes of the season, yes?

Fashion Editor: Auntie

Performance Editor: Peggy Hepburn

Peggy Hepburn's the name, all things performance is the game - & don't you forget it!

I've got the 411 on the stage and screen: reports, reviews, and bonafide opinions on all the hippest ring-a-ding-ding moments worth watching here & now!

Pour yourself a stiff drink - hey, maybe one for ol' Peggy, too! - and let's do what audiences do best: watch!


Astrology Editor: Madame Moonlight

Come in, come in (cough, cough)! I just flew in the window there, brought my crystal ball & Tarot deck - you requested a reading?

They call me Madame Moonlight - I come from a long line of crows gifted in the art of seeing past, present, & future. I'm well renowned! Just the other day I predicted a hen would find her husband, & the next day a rooster strutted into town - can you beat that?

The stars communicate easily once you open up to them, my dear (cough, cough!), hey, do you have a light?

Thinkpiece Editors: The Brainworms

Hello fellow brainy cerebral discovery crew, greetings from inside your brain!

We're the brainworms, & we've been festing on the grey matter of many great contemporary thinkers, gobbling up their thoughts & dreams &neurons & frontal lobes, all int he name of modern sciennce & academic research, duh!

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