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The Dinner Party

Updated: Mar 26

Auntie goes to Kazakhstan.

Roxwear is a scrappy little brand with a lot to prove, dahling.

Based out of predominately ex-Soviet Central Asia (specifically Kazakhstan, my favorite 'Stan' these days, dahling), the brand positions itself as fashion for the new generation in the region, with that oh-so cheeky sensibility of being able, somehow, to simultaneously celebrate & critique the culture from which it emerges. It embraces the Western notion of the liberated woman while still nodding to local traditions, giving expression to this inherent tension through the use of prints that tell layered little stories, & a healthy does of camp sourced directly from the various Central Asian celebrations being referenced throughout the collection (the title of this 'episode,' as designer Roxana Adilbedova calls her collections, is 'Celebrasian').

Shall we celebrate the celebration? I'm finding it hard not to, dahling.

This feature appears in print in our 'Fame' issue — get your copy in the shop!

All clothing: Roxwear by Roxana Adilbekova.

Photography: Roman Anashkin @whitecomablack

Producer: Nazik @ummwd_

Art Direction: Roxana Nissenova @seekndestrox

Models: Madina Sagat; Iya @swiyua; Bob Pyatnica; Vitaliy @monssieeur

Backstage: Maro Mikoyan

Assistant: Zhamila Albiyeva

Shot on location in an abandoned Soviet theatre in Talgar, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


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