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Auntie's Paper Dolls: Gucci SS23

Tiger Twins, dahling!

Alessandro Michele continues his overwhelming just-robbed-the-thrift-store-of-Auntie’s-dreams fantasy over at Gucci, sending identical twins down the runway in identical looks. I had to check my glasses, dahling, for I thought I was seeing double! 

At first the models walked alone along a wall that lifted at the finale, revealing the other half of the audience, and each look’s identical twin, joining hands in a wondrous moment of triumph and union, like the coming together of two parallel universes — the statement was about identity, perhaps Alessandro’s own: his mother was a twin, you know. I almost expected to look beside me and see my own doppelgänger sitting there, can you imagine, dahling? Two Aunties? I never! But it was a fabulous moment of magic, I really must say, it made me feel like I was being robbed at every other fashion show — only one model? No twins? Pish posh poppycock.

But back to the clothes. Picture it: a glittery tiger tearing through a harem full of glam rock boarding school kids jamming to old records as they wrap themselves in glistening random garments from their rich old grandma’s costume trunk in the attic. Perhaps a string of vintage jewels for those dark glasses? Why not! This is the kind of head-turning maximalism that refreshes an old bird’s tired eyes, dahling. I almost expected them to be carrying electric guitars and microphones and burst into a kind of Xanadu-meets-Bowie musical bacchanalia: these clothes just ooooze music. Will someone start a band and wear these damn clothes already? Seriously! I’m tired of asking!

Paper Doll instructions: Print out these runway looks and use the tabs to dress Machine Dazzle, from our 'Fame' issue, available in the shop!


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