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Auntie's Paper Dolls: Moschino SS23

Inflation a la Jeremy Scott, dahling!

I didn’t realize I needed balloon clothes, but apparently Auntie needs balloon clothes, and lots of them, and stat, and don’t forget the air pump, dahling. Jeremy Scott said he was inspired by all this talk of “inflation” — the cheeky little monkey. One must admit, it’s certainly difficult to picture what inflation really, truly means by way of pure economics, since it is, oh, I don’t know, an extended metaphor that basically means everything is more expensive — luckily for Jeremy Scott, Moschino is luxury, baby, and always has been expensive by definition. We do love when a designer takes the metaphorical and makes it literal, and with such bizarre moxie, joy, and artful invention it’s hard to hold his crass inspiration against him. Fiduciary responsibility is for the birds, dahling, I want glamour pop and I want it filled with syrupy helium, and I want it now!

Finally, one thinks to oneself, someone in fashion is referencing, quite directly, to that jolly old chap Jeff Koons, who brought balloon animals and children’s kitsch blazing into the art world, carrying the torch of Andy Warhol by taking colorful pop trash and calling it high art, throwing all notions of “highbrow” and “lowbrow” into a big blender and pressing MINCE TO A PULP. Et voilà: it’s Jessica Rabbit, Attorney-at-Law, representing the case of Toontown vs. Good Taste, poolside, and don’t forget the cocktail umbrella, dahling. She’s a sizzling hot mother dearest ready for her closeup at the Bugs Bunny and Tony the Tiger Relief Fund for Drowning Supermodels, representing a bubbly attitude in times that are feeling, well, a little drab. This is fashion as a sweet and sour lollipop of whimsical glamour ready to burst — I’m here for it, dahling, throw me my dandy candy life preserver!

Paper Doll instructions: print and cut out these styles and use the tabs to dress Machine Dazzle, taken from our 'Fame' issue, available in our shop!


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