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Auntie's Paper Dolls: Thom Browne SS23

Sugar Cindarella, dahling!

Thom Browne is a confectioner extraordinaire, dahling, and it’s quite clear that his grand polka-dotty oven has been quite busy, quite. These cookie creatures were hot and freshly baked, and came with layers, layers, layers of flavor, dahling. First, they came out in fluffy meringue gowns — glistening opera coats with collegiate athletic numbers printed on the back, their heads frosted and sprinkled in polka dot veils and shimmering cosmetics, their hair implying they’d just fallen down the rabbit hole with a whoosh and a twirl and now here they are, and aren’t we the lucky to have stumbled across them? 

The ginger snap chorus line continued with the polka dot main event, after a brief intermission of charming baby dolls and poodle skirts, of course, where the girls returned dragging their opera coats on the ground in full suited ladies-who-lunch pastel regalia, in shoes so tall the models were elongated within an inch of their lives. Is there anything more glamorous, one thinks, than dragging a bespoke gown on the floor? And then, as if that weren’t enough, a punk rock final section replete with gelled mohawks and slashed polka dot gowns reminiscent of Vivienne Westwood invaded the catwalk, Auntie was gasping, dahling. Our final model left in a pink Cadillac made entirely of wires and translucent fabric, held together by four posh men in Thom Browne gray tailoring, of course. And away she went as the rest of the cookie chorus girls burst into dance. Jolly good show, my dear, pitch perfect if you ask me.

Paper Doll instructions: Print out the designs and fashion to our paper doll from the 'Fame' issue (available in the shop!): Machine Dazzle, dahling! Use the tabs to fold onto Ms. Dazzle!


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