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Megazord Activate!

Runaldi Yunardi is serving superhero.

Not a sliver of skin to be seen on the Rinaldi Yunardi runway, dahling, just hints beneath glorious geometric translucent exoskeletons — one is wont to wonder, at times, whether they are even human? But I suppose that’s the point, really, to enshroud the figure to the degree that the models become something else entirely, even their faces obscured by solid swaths of fabric, their anonymity making them avatars ready for their sci-fi makeover on the outskirts of a post-apocalyptic wasteland on another planet.

You know who I was reminded of, dahling? Those fabulous rainbow pipsqueaks the Power Rangers, do you recall? Yunardi is definitely building his own universe with its own set of rules and functionaries, much like the world-building that goes on in a high camp, high octane parallel world like that of the Power Rangers. Indeed, these creatures felt like top-ranking dignitaries on some intergalactic council, trying to outdo one another in theatricality on a wavelength that we mere earthlings could hardly even begin to understand. It’s a witchy, kinky, prismatic cast of superpowered action figureheads ready to unify together into an ultraviolet, infrared butterfly Megazord. 

All images courtesy of Runaldi Yunardi, SS 2023

This article appeared in our 'Fame' issue, available in the shop!


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